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Which combination of pads and tampons do you prefer?

What is your preferred brand of tampon?

What is your preferred size of tampons?

Do you prefer your tampons scented or unscented?

What is your preferred brand of pad?

Do you like your pads with or without wings?

Please describe any size preferences related to your chosen brand of pad.

Do you have a preferred style of liner?

Do you drink herbal tea?

Please let us know if you have any specific preferences for your sweet treats. (Ex. gluten free, no chocolate, sugar free, nothing strawberry flavored, etc.)

How often do you wear makeup?

Which of these describes your hair? (Select all that apply)

Which of these best describes your hair color?

Which of these best describes your skin tone?

Are you concerned with any of the following issues regarding your skin? (Check all that apply)

When it comes to lip color products, which of these do you prefer? (Check all that apply)

Which of the following best fits your age group?

Do you use pain relievers during your menstrual cycle?

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